Improving Your Security

The best weapons locker can secure any weapon. When storing your weapons make sure you have the best weapons storage system.




If your business is undergoing changes that require important keys to be kept under closer supervision, then a key storage cabinet might be the answer for you. Key storage cabinets are used in many different businesses, including hospitals, government offices, schools, real estate, and fleet management. If you haven’t looked into this yet, you might think that choosing a key storage cabinet will be easy. They all have the same function, right? While that is true on a basic level, there are different kinds of key storage cabinets that have different features. These features vary from cabinet to cabinet, and there are a lot of them; involving everything from the way that the cabinet is built to the quality of the materials used and the mechanism that’s used to lock the cabinet itself in order to keep it secure.

The Build

Security cabinets are made out of sturdy steel that is anywhere from 1 to 6mls thick. The thickness of the metal can vary depending on what you want to do with your box and how much stuff you plan on putting in it.

The Lock

Every lock is efficient in its own way, when used in the proper way. The two most common locking mechanisms are the key lock and the keypad lock. The key lock is old fashioned; you put a key in the lock and it opens. The keypad is newer, and you input a password or set of numbers into it and the lock opens.

Expansion Options

One of the best things about key storage cabinets is that you can always add on to them if you need more space. You can buy whatever size that you need now and add more panels on in the future to make it bigger so that you can fit more into it. There are restrictions, of course, so you should always make sure that the size of the key cabinet is within the range allowed for expansion.


There are a lot of accessories that can be bought to upgrade your key storage cabinet experience. Key tags and labels come standard. , but an index book or signature strips will help raise accountability. If you’re using a mechanical keypad, you can add tracking software so that you can monitor usage of the key cabinet. That way, you’ll know how often people are getting inside of it, and it will make it easier to keep track of the items inside of it.

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